Hello world!

Hello World! This is actually the title that the theme suggested when I chose to apply it to my new blog and a bit appropriate since I’m starting a new virtual world of mine. Okay, I’m just lazy to think of a title. I suck at it, believe me. I’ve actually blogged before but none really came out productive since I made it too personal I guess, so I stuck with my journal. Yet now, I’ve decided to blog about the things I love, to share interesting stuff I discover and to just write. Although I don’t know if anyone would read my blog but hey, it’s okay I guess.

Anyway, I am a dreamer who writes hence the name of the blog. I right now love penpalling, it’s old school, I know but for people like me who values the written word never think of it as something old but as something treasured. I had just started it late last year and it was all inspired by my mom and her penpal from India, I think. Her friend came to the Philippines a couple years back and at that time, I was amazed of how such things could happen, I mean having found a new friend from a different culture through writing. I was a young child at that time.

I had always wanted to try it long ago but never knew where to really find a penpal at that time. My mom told me that in her times, the newspaper had a section where you could find penpals and could also submit your info so another could find you also. That was neat! Of course now, everything is available in the internet and so I googled it and there!

My first penpal is from England and she’s my age who also likes watching Korean dramas like I do so we got along really well. I found a lot more penpals through tumblr. Just talking to a random person through letters feel so uplifting and fulfilling. A lot of times I even feel like I can say everything to that person just because he or she is someone not around me and that I can express what I REALLY feel.

Writing is a way of relaxation and de-stressing. Even more when you write a letter and receive one back.

I just love it when I find letters and postcards in my mailbox! And everytime I do, I just have to open them at once. Many people have forgotten the meaning of hand writing a letter to someone and how it wonderful it makes a person feels.

Writing stories, poems and letters will always be a part of my life. I don’t think I’ll ever stop doing it even if my professional career takes a left turn. Writing is for me and when I write for myself, that’s when a masterpiece is made.


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