Letter Lovin’

Don’t you just love my header image? Haha! Kidding! I’m just proud of it although if I get new ideas in the future, I know I’ll be changing it up again. Since I blabbered my love of writing letters in my first post, I decided to write about some of the letters I’ve received in the span of a year’s time. I just love it whenever I find letters in my mailbox, it just really makes my day even if it had started with a bad vibe.

I took a picture of all the letters I have in my letter box and these are all from only late 2011 to the present so it had just been about a year. What more in the coming years? I’m getting excited already! Do pardon me for the bad quality of the image, our camera just had to die when I was about to take pictures so I had to resort to my camera phone.

I love it when people send me letters with cute and vintage stationery designs, it actually makes my reading of them more heartfelt haha! While I was taking pictures a while ago, I even thought of posting all my stationery stuff too but that had to need a longer time since they are way too many. I buy a lot of them and hardly use those that I really love so I would resort to buying two of the same kind which would actually leave me with empty pockets. So now I’m actually learning to really use them (without buying a second one) because I know that the person who will receive it would appreciate it as much as I treasure it.

Here’s some of my letters with cool designs.

This is my first penpal letter and it’s from England! I love my friend’s hometown in Brighton and I hope to be able to visit it someday.

When I saw this letter, I freaked! It was the time when I was so obsessed with the Korean drama, Boys Over Flowers! My college best friend, Apple really knows what suits me!

Ain’t this just so cute! I just got this mini letter a while ago from one of my best friends and twin, Mamie! She’s one of the people whom I’ve receive most letters from and I just love her for that. She’s also a great photographer and her blog is amazing!

Rilakkuma letters! Now this I have a lot in stash, and of course only one of the same kind and they are just some of the stuff I can’t really bear to use YET! :))

I just love stationery with Paris designs! I really have to go to France someday to see the Eiffel tower!

I don’t know if you can see the envelope but its design is actually of the world map and I instantly fell in love with it when I received it.

The design on this mini letter is very simple and vintage, which I really love! The vintage brown suitcase is one of my favorite designs on stationery and I really would buy a real one in the future!

Those are just some of my awesome letters and if I’d feature my stationery collection, it would take me all day to take pictures of them but I’ll do it in the near future! Letter writing has also prompted me to do my own stationery designs which I make for my friends on special occasions. Unfortunately, my laptop had to be reformatted and all the files disappeared, including my creations huhuhu 😦 I’ll post some of the pictures from my friends next time though.

Write to someone special today and make them know how much they mean to you. And if you’d like to find penpals across the country, there are actually a lot of sites up on the web that help you find one. I got mine from Pen Pals Now! and if safety is your concern, you just have to pick the right person. In my case, before I put up my info on the page, I searched for a suitable penpal first and actually found one. A lot of emails come by at some times asking to be a penpal and you’d actually know if they are serious or not so you just really have to go with your guts!

“To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart.”                                                                 -Phyllis Theroux


2 thoughts on “Letter Lovin’

    • bernadinesytiong says:

      Aww thanks! I just started recently and you’re my first comment! Thank youuu 🙂 I’ve been to yours too and it’s so beautiful! 🙂 Keep it up! :))

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