Hello Puerto Galera!

Hello Puerto Galera! I went there last May with one of my best friends, Winchell and her boyfriend and little sister. It was my official beach vacation after graduating college and it was supposed to be a ‘barkada’ trip but all of a sudden the other girls can’t make it but of course, there was no stopping me and Win to enjoy such vacation! I’m glad that when we went there weren’t so many people yet and had the chance to really chill with the white sands!

After over an hour of bus ride to Batangas, we had a 45-minute boat ride to the Puerto Galera White Sands beach and believe me it felt like it lasted for hours. Although the boat ride going to the beach was a bit exciting but the ride home felt like hours on the  water and I was even starting to feel sick. Still, I do love riding boats, it’s just that I don’t think I’ll last for a day out in the sea haha!

It was my first time getting a henna tattoo done and it just had to be a mermaid! The artist even had to do an impromptu one because all of the mermaid images in their book were real creepy and I only wanted a normal and ‘fairytale’ like. Here’s a better look of the henna tattoo below:

Ain’t the tattoo cool? I’ve always wanted a mermaid tat, but of course not a permanent one! We had real fun in the beach although it was only a 3 day and 2 night stay but still my summer was definitely complete with this trip!

Playing in the water always seems fun! We just had to take pictures with the beautiful sunset as our background!

We also went kayaking and although it was my second time already, I got a bit nervous when Win and I went a bit too far because I’m really afraid of deep waters. When we got back to shore to rest a bit, we had to ask a guide to come with us since we can’t really get a hold of maneuvering the boat. The paddles were so heavy! Still, the experience was fun!

Winchell and I have been bestfriends since we were in elementary and I’m really glad that over the years our friendship just became stronger! Love this girl to death!

I think we all gained weight in  this mini vacation of ours. The food was not really cheap but we gotta enjoy it and enjoy we did!

There were fire dance performances during the night and since all the food places were beach front, you could enjoy your dinner while you watch the fire dancers do their thing. They were really awesome!

Definitely had an awesome time with this girl, my beach buddy!

All photos are credited to Winchell Sy and Anthony Babierra!


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