Box Me Up!

I’ve been finding a pattern for a DIY box for a while now and have finally found one. I needed the perfect box size for some personalized notepads I made to be sent out to some people. There’s actually a lot of free printable patterns for all sorts and sizes of boxes available online. Anyway, I wanted the design the boxes with my favorite theme: AIRMAIL! and of course some fashion and stationery stuff. I love how it all turned out!

I didn’t add anymore design to this box because the fashion illustration is bold enough. I saw this illustration in tumblr and just knew I had to get it for designing. (FYI, my designs with illustrations from other sources are not for sale but for personal use so it’s not illegal).

Skinny jeans speak sexy! I aimed for the theme of casual, sexy and laid back.

I forgot the designer who illustrated this but it was so cool when I stumbled upon and just had to make it as my wallpaper months ago. There’s actually a lot more designs for a set of cards.

I aimed for the girly with an edge for this box’s theme and just loved how it turned out with just simple designs.

I love doing DIY crafts, especially these boxes! I’m used to doing scrapbooks that’s why I guess it never leaves me even if I’m designing for other stuff. Can’t wait to send these out!


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