Mail Mail Mail!

I woke up with a happy mailbox this Monday to find that I got an awesome letter and 2 amazing postcards! The letter, with the big and bold ‘FANTASTIC’ word on the envelope was from Ana. I requested a letter from her via her blog, She has an amazing blog about the letters she sends out and the ones she receives! It’s always so cool to read blogs about writing letters! Anyway, along with the letter she gave me, it included a bit of surprise also!

STICKERS! Yay! And a cupcake ribbon and a thank you mini card! I always love receiving stickers from my penpals from other countries because they’re different from what I see we have here in Manila! I especially like the sticker that has the words, “Giggle Dust” on it! I was so excited to reply to Ana and gave her some surprises in her envelope that I hope she would love also.

It feels wonderful when I receive letters from penpals, not because of the stuff they give you but because you learn of their culture and of who they are through their letters and mini gifts! It truly gives joy to one’s heart to have letter friends 🙂Anyway, so here’s some of the mail that I sent yesterday at the post office. I think this is my first time to have sent a lot of mail all at the same time! I sent a total of 5 mails, 3 to the USA and 2 local. I think I was literally bankrupt from the mail to the US! It costs a hundred bucks each! (Of course, not in dollars!) Well, I did have it coming because the bigger one was a reply to Ana which had a lot of things in it and the 2 brown envelopes was for my swap partners that contained a lot of cute stuff so it weighed a bit heavy for a mail! But I know it’s gonna be worth it for my partners! I really hope they love it! The 2 local mails are actually fan mails and the envelopes were actually made from pages of magazines! Anyway, more on that next time! 🙂

I really hope all the letters get to the recipients safely! Sometimes, it gets lost in the mail or get opened because of snoopy people. I really hate people like that and wonder why there are people like that in the world!

Also, I wanna share some of the packages I had been doing for the customers of  I’m so happy that our online stationery store have been receiving good feedbacks and customers! I truly hope this goes all the way. The boxes on the picture above are actually for a customer who ordered customized notepads! And below are what the packaging of our products look like.

I wanted our customers to feel special and the airmail feel, of course! If I was a customer of a stationery store, I’d want the packages of my products to be sent in this way also! haha!


Entwined Stationery

One of my closest friends and I recently opened an online stationery store and I’m so glad that it’s been receiving positive reviews! We’ve been dreaming about this since we were like sophomores in college and now it’s a big step forward! I hope that we’ll be able to open a cafe / bookstore / stationery store someday!

Here are some of our products:

Aren’t they awesome?

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Love Vintage Fashion

I was born to love vintage. I don’t know why, but like many people, I’m in love with vintage things, especially fashion and stationery. In this entry, I’d like to take time to share some of my favorite vintage finds of accessories and clothes 🙂 Up there in the photo includes some of my current favorite rings. Lately I’ve also been into tribal prints and accessories, so when I saw this Indian ring, I immediately grabbed it! The thing circular rings are actually kind of like statement rings where on one piece the words: LOVE and PEACE are engraved. Been wearing them a lot lately!

There’s something about the UK which I really love also. I mean, their *kingdom* must be one of the most awesome place on earth and I really do love their flag! I saw this cardigan earlier this year and fell instantly in love.

USA bag, chunk of vintage accessory and a cheap find of a bag from Taiwan! You wouldn’t believe how good of a bargain my sister and I got it from!

I’ve recently learned how to do a fishtail braid and can’t stop doing it to my hair or my friends! It’s just so fascinating for me that I actually already learned it! haha! I miss my long and straight hair, which is perfect for this braid!

Lovely pastel heart connector ring! (Sorry, if doesn’t look pastel in the picture! Editing got in the way 🙂

Lovin my leaf ring! So nature-y! :))

Some of my other accessories! I recently bought the dreamcatcher necklace which I really love! I hope to find more of it in the future.


Red Velvet Love from Sophie’s Mom

My mouth waters every time I see this photo that I took last Sunday! These are the famous red velvet cupcakes from Sophie’s Mom here in Manila! I must have tasted a bit of heaven when I took my first bite of this awesome cupcake. I’ve been hearing about it for a while now but couldn’t get some until last Sunday since their store is far from where I live but now, I’d go the distance just to have these heavenly cupcakes. Exaggerated, yes, but I mean it! hahaha!

And I’m so lovin their packaging box! It’s pink and vintage! I just can’t get enough!

They just recently opened their bakery and confectionary in Makati which has a vintage theme to it! MORE LOVE! Here’s some photos of their awesome store taken from their official website:

And of course, some of their delicious delights!

I’m definitely having these delights sooon! I can’t be apart from red velvet love too long! :))))

The Papus Gang!

It’s hard to meet true friends nowadays so when you meet some, make sure to treasure them. When I was starting college, one of my biggest fears was to make friends since everything had to start from the beginning again. My friends from high school are my best friends and we’ve been together since we were elementary kiddies so they are definitely one of my comfort zones. Being friendly is easy, but making real friends are not because there are a lot of people who seem to be true at first but you realize later on that your differences are far too many.

Fortunately, I’ve met some very good and true friends when I started as a college freshman and at that time I didn’t know if friendships from that start would last til we were seniors but I somehow believed that we would and WE DID!

(Mamie, me and Apple)

Meet my Power Puff Gang! We’ve been the best of friends since we started college and I’m truly blessed to have them. It’s to these two that I talk about a lot of deep stuff and it’s also with these two that we end up doing bizarre and crazy things! We’ve had our ups and downs of course, but I’m confident to say that we’ve graduated college with a stronger bond in friendship.

My college life would have been incomplete without these two. So I know that our friendship is something that will last til our hair turns grey or even when we go bald (hopefully not!) I share my love of writing letters to these two the most and even Apple, who has a lazy butt, learned to write letters to people because of me and Mamie! :))

Around the latter part of our junior year, a princess frog named Princess Dawn came along to our gang and thus, we were reformed as the ‘Papus Gang’! I forgot how we ever came to this name but it’s really ironic because the word Papus in Filipino is actually for the guys! haha! We all totally clicked and since then it’s been a fun and fulfilling friendship!

My senior year in college was a hell because of thesis and organization work but I’m really thankful because I have my Papus Gang with me. We always make it to a point to care and have fun with each other. Friends are one of God’s greatest gifts an individual can have and they should make us grounded and help us throughout life’s problems and I’m happy that I have people like that in my life.

Send Miette a Letter :)

Doesn’t she have one of the sweetest smile ever? SO cute!

I was going through blogs about letters this afternoon and saw this post from about a little girl from Australia who is suffering from an incurable illness and the simplicity of receiving letters and packages makes her very happy. Her name’s Miette Skiller and her mom has put up a blog about her daughter’s journey in this battle called life.

Check out her story at:

Miette’s a brave girl to fight for this battle even at a young age. I can see through her smiling eyes that she still has big dreams and big future ahead of her. Our biggest help to her right now would be the kindness of prayer, letters and donation.

We can cheer her up and let her know that we all believe in her and that she can never give up in this battle.

She loves reading letters so why don’t we writer her a letter today 🙂

Miette Skiller / Miette’s Journey
PO Box 2134
Brighton QLD 4017

Please also LIKE and SHARE her story through facebook so that people would know her story and take part in helping her:

People make a difference when we come together and that’s where a miracle happens 🙂