Send Miette a Letter :)

Doesn’t she have one of the sweetest smile ever? SO cute!

I was going through blogs about letters this afternoon and saw this post from about a little girl from Australia who is suffering from an incurable illness and the simplicity of receiving letters and packages makes her very happy. Her name’s Miette Skiller and her mom has put up a blog about her daughter’s journey in this battle called life.

Check out her story at:

Miette’s a brave girl to fight for this battle even at a young age. I can see through her smiling eyes that she still has big dreams and big future ahead of her. Our biggest help to her right now would be the kindness of prayer, letters and donation.

We can cheer her up and let her know that we all believe in her and that she can never give up in this battle.

She loves reading letters so why don’t we writer her a letter today 🙂

Miette Skiller / Miette’s Journey
PO Box 2134
Brighton QLD 4017

Please also LIKE and SHARE her story through facebook so that people would know her story and take part in helping her:

People make a difference when we come together and that’s where a miracle happens 🙂


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