The Papus Gang!

It’s hard to meet true friends nowadays so when you meet some, make sure to treasure them. When I was starting college, one of my biggest fears was to make friends since everything had to start from the beginning again. My friends from high school are my best friends and we’ve been together since we were elementary kiddies so they are definitely one of my comfort zones. Being friendly is easy, but making real friends are not because there are a lot of people who seem to be true at first but you realize later on that your differences are far too many.

Fortunately, I’ve met some very good and true friends when I started as a college freshman and at that time I didn’t know if friendships from that start would last til we were seniors but I somehow believed that we would and WE DID!

(Mamie, me and Apple)

Meet my Power Puff Gang! We’ve been the best of friends since we started college and I’m truly blessed to have them. It’s to these two that I talk about a lot of deep stuff and it’s also with these two that we end up doing bizarre and crazy things! We’ve had our ups and downs of course, but I’m confident to say that we’ve graduated college with a stronger bond in friendship.

My college life would have been incomplete without these two. So I know that our friendship is something that will last til our hair turns grey or even when we go bald (hopefully not!) I share my love of writing letters to these two the most and even Apple, who has a lazy butt, learned to write letters to people because of me and Mamie! :))

Around the latter part of our junior year, a princess frog named Princess Dawn came along to our gang and thus, we were reformed as the ‘Papus Gang’! I forgot how we ever came to this name but it’s really ironic because the word Papus in Filipino is actually for the guys! haha! We all totally clicked and since then it’s been a fun and fulfilling friendship!

My senior year in college was a hell because of thesis and organization work but I’m really thankful because I have my Papus Gang with me. We always make it to a point to care and have fun with each other. Friends are one of God’s greatest gifts an individual can have and they should make us grounded and help us throughout life’s problems and I’m happy that I have people like that in my life.


One thought on “The Papus Gang!

  1. This post is touching yet funny at the same time. I didn’t realize it until I read your post. Yes!!! We made it! Four years of friendship and countinggg! Thank you, Papus. (✿^‿^)

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