Entwined Stationery

One of my closest friends and I recently opened an online stationery store and I’m so glad that it’s been receiving positive reviews! We’ve been dreaming about this since we were like sophomores in college and now it’s a big step forward! I hope that we’ll be able to open a cafe / bookstore / stationery store someday!

Here are some of our products:

Aren’t they awesome?

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and follow our blog at: http://www.entwinedstationery.blogspot.com


17 thoughts on “Entwined Stationery

  1. Sarah Ostenson says:

    I love ALL of these. I might just have to check them out. Awesome blog!


    your Follow Me swap partner

    • bernadinesytiong says:

      I KNOW RIGHT! I keep wanting all our stuff also! hahahha! But of course business first, and if I have the extra money, I actually buy for myself too 🙂

  2. All of those are SO CUTE!!! But I couldn’t find prices anywhere 😦 That’s such a cute idea though! I would buy like everything in your store if I could 🙂 hehe, cute blog too!

    Stopping by from Follow Me #3 🙂

    -Jessica (sewinlove)

    • bernadinesytiong says:

      Thank you, Jessica! The prices are in our facebook albums, it’s just that it’s in Philippine Peso and really cheap! If you’re interested, just message us up in facebook, we can arrange something if you’re from overseas 🙂

  3. I just fell in love with these products!!!
    I totally want to buy something when I get my salary 🙂
    Do you ship overseas(Finland)??

    your Follow Me #3 -partner

    • bernadinesytiong says:

      We can discuss about it although the shipping is actually more expensive than our product prices hahaha! But I’ll ask about the shipping prices to your places so just message us up! 😉

  4. What awesome products you have! I wonder what shipping to the usa would be? Am glad your dream is becoming a reality for you!
    swap bot
    follow me 3

  5. Those are too adorable! I am a stationery fanatic, I can spend hours in a stationery store! A great place to sell online is Etsy, have you considered this? I’ve bought stationery from around the world on Etsy and it’s so easy. I would definitely buy from you if I could use paypal!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for your lovely comments.
    x rubyrose

    • bernadinesytiong says:

      I’ve considered Etsy but doesnt the products you sell should be handmade?
      Thanks for reading my post!

  6. Nice range of product and I think and you should probably do well. I think there may be a section classed as supplies etc on Etsy but yes it is mainly handmade items.
    JustIngrid – Follow Me #3

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