Love Vintage Fashion

I was born to love vintage. I don’t know why, but like many people, I’m in love with vintage things, especially fashion and stationery. In this entry, I’d like to take time to share some of my favorite vintage finds of accessories and clothes 🙂 Up there in the photo includes some of my current favorite rings. Lately I’ve also been into tribal prints and accessories, so when I saw this Indian ring, I immediately grabbed it! The thing circular rings are actually kind of like statement rings where on one piece the words: LOVE and PEACE are engraved. Been wearing them a lot lately!

There’s something about the UK which I really love also. I mean, their *kingdom* must be one of the most awesome place on earth and I really do love their flag! I saw this cardigan earlier this year and fell instantly in love.

USA bag, chunk of vintage accessory and a cheap find of a bag from Taiwan! You wouldn’t believe how good of a bargain my sister and I got it from!

I’ve recently learned how to do a fishtail braid and can’t stop doing it to my hair or my friends! It’s just so fascinating for me that I actually already learned it! haha! I miss my long and straight hair, which is perfect for this braid!

Lovely pastel heart connector ring! (Sorry, if doesn’t look pastel in the picture! Editing got in the way 🙂

Lovin my leaf ring! So nature-y! :))

Some of my other accessories! I recently bought the dreamcatcher necklace which I really love! I hope to find more of it in the future.



6 thoughts on “Love Vintage Fashion

  1. Vintage Living Magazine says:

    You are not alone…we share your love of vintage! Great finds! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • bernadinesytiong says:

      I know, we’re a population that can take over the whole world with the love of vintage hahaha! Thank you also!

  2. Hi there, visiting you from swap bot – you should have much success with your new stationery enterprise, your goods are very cute! Also, I wish you could teach ME how to make a fishtail braid! I can only do the boring old braid from a ponytail…

    • bernadinesytiong says:

      Thank you! Oh my, it took me a while too to get used to doing the fishtail braid! Don’t worry, it’ll get to you eventually :)))

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