Red Velvet Love from Sophie’s Mom

My mouth waters every time I see this photo that I took last Sunday! These are the famous red velvet cupcakes from Sophie’s Mom here in Manila! I must have tasted a bit of heaven when I took my first bite of this awesome cupcake. I’ve been hearing about it for a while now but couldn’t get some until last Sunday since their store is far from where I live but now, I’d go the distance just to have these heavenly cupcakes. Exaggerated, yes, but I mean it! hahaha!

And I’m so lovin their packaging box! It’s pink and vintage! I just can’t get enough!

They just recently opened their bakery and confectionary in Makati which has a vintage theme to it! MORE LOVE! Here’s some photos of their awesome store taken from their official website:

And of course, some of their delicious delights!

I’m definitely having these delights sooon! I can’t be apart from red velvet love too long! :))))


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