Mail Mail Mail!

I woke up with a happy mailbox this Monday to find that I got an awesome letter and 2 amazing postcards! The letter, with the big and bold ‘FANTASTIC’ word on the envelope was from Ana. I requested a letter from her via her blog, She has an amazing blog about the letters she sends out and the ones she receives! It’s always so cool to read blogs about writing letters! Anyway, along with the letter she gave me, it included a bit of surprise also!

STICKERS! Yay! And a cupcake ribbon and a thank you mini card! I always love receiving stickers from my penpals from other countries because they’re different from what I see we have here in Manila! I especially like the sticker that has the words, “Giggle Dust” on it! I was so excited to reply to Ana and gave her some surprises in her envelope that I hope she would love also.

It feels wonderful when I receive letters from penpals, not because of the stuff they give you but because you learn of their culture and of who they are through their letters and mini gifts! It truly gives joy to one’s heart to have letter friends 🙂Anyway, so here’s some of the mail that I sent yesterday at the post office. I think this is my first time to have sent a lot of mail all at the same time! I sent a total of 5 mails, 3 to the USA and 2 local. I think I was literally bankrupt from the mail to the US! It costs a hundred bucks each! (Of course, not in dollars!) Well, I did have it coming because the bigger one was a reply to Ana which had a lot of things in it and the 2 brown envelopes was for my swap partners that contained a lot of cute stuff so it weighed a bit heavy for a mail! But I know it’s gonna be worth it for my partners! I really hope they love it! The 2 local mails are actually fan mails and the envelopes were actually made from pages of magazines! Anyway, more on that next time! 🙂

I really hope all the letters get to the recipients safely! Sometimes, it gets lost in the mail or get opened because of snoopy people. I really hate people like that and wonder why there are people like that in the world!

Also, I wanna share some of the packages I had been doing for the customers of  I’m so happy that our online stationery store have been receiving good feedbacks and customers! I truly hope this goes all the way. The boxes on the picture above are actually for a customer who ordered customized notepads! And below are what the packaging of our products look like.

I wanted our customers to feel special and the airmail feel, of course! If I was a customer of a stationery store, I’d want the packages of my products to be sent in this way also! haha!


8 thoughts on “Mail Mail Mail!

  1. This all sounds so wonderful! I should definitely get around to penpaling, I’m sure my penpals would LOVE hearing about my life as a member of a marching band, hehe. 😀

    And I agree, packages of stationary should come in extraordinary packinging. 😀

    Lesly K. /greenafy
    Blogging Around

  2. I love mail too!! My Mr. Perfect, as you called him, is getting sick and tired of all my letters and postcards, hahaha. Your packaging look so adorable, I am going to visit your shop right now!
    Blogging around-Krizia

  3. Hey there..!!! Love your blog and the posts too. Enjoyed reading!!! And WOW!!!! Loved the incoming and outgoing mails too!

    rtwong – Blogging around /

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