Mail. Coffee. Movie. Stamp. Just Random Stuff.

Have so many pictures that I haven’t got the time to blog so I’m squeezing it to a post today! And I’m always happy with a hearty mailbox! Last August 3, I woke up to find these in the mailbox! 4 letters and a postcard! This has got to be the best mail day I’ve ever had! One was from my pal, Andreia from Portugal who’s first letter to me, unfortunately, got lost in the mail :(( So sad! But she’s so nice to have me send another! I’ve got a hearty envelope ready for her, I was about to drop it in the mail when all the heavy rain happened! Good thing, the sun has risen and I’ll be having a good day at the post office tomorrow!

These Nescafe Latte and Cappuccino sounds so yummy! We don’t have it here in the Philippines so I’m really excited to try them! I really wish they could distribute these here!My favorite movie EVERRRR. Rewatched it with my sister last week, and really, I never get tired of watching “A Walk To Remember” even if I almost memorized every line in the film. Have I mentioned that I’ve read the book, watched the film a million times and replayed the OST for like forever? Seriously. =)))And I found some cool stamps again! Though I didn’t buy it yet, still new with the one I last bought :))


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