Rough Week for the Philippines

Photo courtesy of John Daniel J. Hirro from the UST Varsitarian

It’s been a VERY ROUGH week here in the Philippines. The rain has been pouring hard and nonstop which caused major flooding in a lot of areas here in Central Luzon. The picture above is from my University’s newsletter, showing how our beautiful campus became like a lake. Everytime heavy rain or a storm pours, our campus and a lot of other places floods deeply, even to the point of surpassing a normal person’s height.

Fortunately, the sun has risen today and news have announced that things will get better from here on. Still, there are a lot of people out there who needs help and I’m awed by how many people are willing to go through mud floods to help out.

Let’s pray for the Philippines.



4 thoughts on “Rough Week for the Philippines

  1. That’s terrible! That happened to my campus last summer when Hurricane Irene hit the east coast of the US. The bus route was inaccessible! XD I hope things are better now for you there. I can’t imagine how muddy it must be. 😀

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