That Thing That Breaks Your Heart

These are the moments when I just want to write about random things I suddenly feel right now. Out of nowhere, it just came to my mind that it has been a while since I saw a movie that truly broke my heart.

You know, those movies that don’t really have a happy ending in love and yet in life, there’s this relief though not really content but there’s no really heavy weight because even though you’ve lost something or someone so big in your life, you know you’ve done everything you can and never gave up, it gives you no regrets.

I love movies that truly break my heart because those are the amazing movies that stay even after decades. With music, I listen to a lot that truly breaks my heart because those are the ones that really get to my heart. They are the melody of memories, bringing you back to the moments you’ve once held dear and/or even have lost.

I don’t want to state any movies or songs because I feel like these are the moments that your readers need to be influenced by their own search. Sometimes we just have to get out there and search, even if it’s just movies or songs.

Those that can break our hearts may not be similar to others. Some may lean towards popular media more or some through indie themed, it’s how it affects us that matters.

It’s always a good feeling to have watched a movie that you know you’ll never forget and will want to watch again and again; or that book that you just can’t put down and after you’ve finished you just want to go back to the start; or that song that breaks your heart every time you play it even if it is for the 100th time.

These simple things, it affect us in ways that changes our lives that it breaks our hearts.

Okay, I feel like I’m just talking nonsense because it is 12:15 in the morning haha!


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