Early Birthday Present

Have I mentioned that I’m crazy for England/London themed stationery and probably every cute stuff from that country? England is on top of my dream countries to visit and the place I really wanna go in the UK is London! I have really got to make that dream come true someday. Anyway, my sister who is studying in Taiwan knows how much I love vintage London themed stationery and last month she sent me a package full of them!

It’s actually my early birthday present! (My birthday is in December, in case you wanna know! haha!) I literally screamed of happiness after I opened the package! I really love my sister, Beatrice for this. She’s actually the one who kind of knows me a little bit better than anyone in my family and I love that at times we get to share conversations that are hard to talk about.

Anyway, I literally cannot bear to use any of these stationery yet but I will find the will to haha! That’s just my problem, I can’t use the beautiful stationery that I’ve got but I know I’ll regret it when it spoils away in my box full of stationery stuff so I’m gonna use ’em! 🙂

P.S. Aint these pop-up London theme stickers the best! 🙂


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