I knew it. I was never fit to be a blogger haha! It feels like it’s been ages since I had an entry again. I was supposed to write in something on my birthday since the date was 12-12-12 and I was desperately hoping for something special to happen, but nothing really did. Instead, I got stuck in a boring for the whole afternoon. Birthday wasted away. But I knew somehow, at least something good happened. My friends surprised me with a dinner treat at this neat Pizza Place!

We took a picture at this enormous and gorgeous Christmas tree in the mall!


Anyway, and with that, I turnedbday xmas 21. I feel so old really hahaha! When I was young, I had this mindset that I would forever be a student and my life would end when I graduated college, either from a sickness or the end of the world haha! But here I am still, already engaged in the professional world and with not a clear clue of what I’ll become in 5 years. Honestly, when I am asking myself what I will become in 5 years, I just go blank. Lately everything’s been so confusing and I feel lost all the time. Or maybe because most of the time, I’m hating my life. Sigh. I’m such a depressing being.

Recently, most of the time I just wanna get out of here, from my life and take the road. I can be a coward at times but it’s my dream to be able to go on the road, even on my own and meet strangers. Although I know there are a lot of dangerous and scary people around these days but still if you don’t throw yourself out there at times, how are we gonna experience life really?

Well, that’s my viewpoint. I just feel so caged and empty. There’s really nothing. And it scares me. It really does.

What a depressing way to end a birthday post. SIGH.

I promise to write a more lively and interesting entry next time since I’m gonna post some vintage stuff, which usually cheers me up!


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