Leather Journal Love!

I’ve been searching for a leather journal for so long and I’m so happy I finally the one for me! Leather journals are very expensive, and the ones I find in our local stores aren’t really my type. I was actually supposed to purchase one from an online site from the UK, when I stumbled upon Alunsina Handbound Books! They have very reasonable price rates and what’s even greater about it is that it’s local and handmade! Pinoy Pride!



There are so many designs to pick from, so I couldn’t help myself and bought two! There’s something different when you write in a leather journal with ivory paper, the vintage feel is such a great feeling. Sometimes I feel like a person from the past haha! Plus, I’m such a sucker for old-fashioned packaging, like how they wrap parcels in the past, so I was so happy when I saw the packaging of my journals! So cool!



I’m really oh-so glad that I found out about Alunsina Handbound books. I’m planning having leather journals here on out and I know just where to buy them! Their journals are perfect for every writer!



Alunsina Handbound Books also ships internationally!

You can find them at:

WordPress: http://alunsinahandboundbooks.wordpress.com/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Alunsina.Handbound.Books

Tumblr: http://alunsinahandboundbooks.tumblr.com/

Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/AlunsinaJournal


Mail! Mail! Mail!

It’s no secret how I love receiving letters, postcards and packages in the mail! It’s just a very happy feeling coming home to find that people have written to and back to you!

I’ve been starting to receive swaps from the same country as I am! I was surprised, but very happy also. I got this mail from the “deco-taped envelope with a surprise” and my partner, from Baguio, even included a small notebook in it! I loved the envelope especially and of course the stamps on it! My favorite stamp is the “University of Santo Tomas” stamp becuase it’s my alma mater! We had this stamp in commemoration of our 400th year anniversary. There are four and I bought them all for memorabilia!



I’m really a sucker for airmail-designed things so I literally jumped for joy when I found this on my mailbox haha


Look at what my dear sister, who is currently studying in Taiwan, sent me? A postcard of herself courtesy of Contiki! haha! I laughed at this and then wanted to get my own but when I typed in the link, it didn’t show anymore. So sad! haha! I also want my own picture on a postcard! hahahaha!



Bea on the beach in Taiwan


Letters from penpals and a secret postcard! I love joing share your secret / secret story postcard swaps because somehow you could disarm yourself without ever worrying they would criticize you. That’s oen of the good things in sending a random letter or postcard, most of the time you could pour your heart out and you know that the reader would just listen and try to understand you.




I got this beautiful postcard from my penpal from Portugal, Andreia. I met her on tumblr and it’s just so sad because 2 of her mails to me have already got lost because it hasn’t arrived yet and it was sent last year. It’s really irritating when your mails get lost, especially the parcels because there’s a big possibility that other people opened your package and took the mail for themselves. I feel bad for Andreia since I know how much effort she puts in her mails so I’m sending her a small parcel and will have it on registered mail so that it could surely get to her (cross fingers!)




My outgoing mails for a penpal and 2 for the deco-taped envelope swap!


Happy Writing! 🙂

London London!

Stationery post has finally come again! Yay! I’m posting continuous today because I don’t really get time to update my blog daily or weekly or even monthly! So sad! But I do hope I could at least update twice to thrice a month!

I got this notebook and H&M ring as Christmas gifts from my friend. She went to the US for Christmas vacation and bought these there! I love the details written on the notebook cover. LET IT OUT!



I’m just so in love with London themed stationery and stuff that it’s my weakness! Whenever I see them, most of the time, I could not resist not buying them! And when I saw these post-its and bookmarks, there was no second guessing! I might even have to buy another set of the post-its so I could have the heart to use them on mail art! haha!



I had some free time last week and made some custmized London postcard! I sooo love them and had them printed for about 10 pieces haha!Image


Someday, I’ll get to London and some day it will be 🙂

New Blings!

There’s no denial how in love I am with jewelry, not the expensive kind though, but the stylish and vintage kind. I’m especially smitten with rings! I have around 4 boxes of them already and I am definitely not stopping haha!

1. Angel

I got this ring from my officemate. I had the exact same ring once, but it got broken so I was so glad to have the same kind again!



2. Tiger Power

I’m always in love with Tiger rings and lately, I’ve been more into small set rings that when I saw this, I knew I had to buy it instantly! It’s currently my favorite rings!



3. Nautical

There’s something about the nautical theme that I really love. I just love it! haha!



4. Rebellious Phoenix

I actually am not sure if this is a peacock or a phoenix but I love it on my ear! haha! When I wore it out with my friends, they were surprised and even told me that I was rebelling! I just love edgy styles! They loved the ear piece at the end anyway and was even asking me for one! haha!



5. All About Heart

Another set ring! It’s hearts, who doesn’t love ’em? :))




I rarely buy expensive jewelry because I like a lot of them so I hunt the cheap yet cool ones! haha! You’ll be surprised that each of these doesn’t even amount to a dollar yet! :))

An Apple Spaghetti Birthday



It was recently my college best friend, Apple’s birthday last February 2 and we got together at her house on Feb 3 to have a mini party. I had forced her to make me her signature spaghetti since I haven’t had for almost 2 years already, I think! Her spaghetti is my most the best I’ve ever tried since I usually like white sauce pasta.

It’s almost a year since we graduated. And I even remember that at around this time last year we were dying to get our thesis done since it was literally killing us. Sleep was not an option at those times! haha! But somehow, I miss that time. I feel like I’ve been working for years now when it has only been about 4 months. I knew even at the start of my senior year in college that I would miss school once I got out. 

College is a tough world but when you got amazing friends by your side, it’s worth every day!



I’m blessed to have these 2 amazing best friends, Mamie and Apple throughout college. We made everyday fun with all our craziness and food trips. I’m just really glad that we’re still friends and really hope that the friendship would last til our hair turns grey.

You rarely find friends who you could be comfortable with these days. Sometimes it’s hard to even tell if they are real, but experiencing struggles and bumps through friendship and surviving them are what made ours last. 





I took home a lot of Apple’s homemade Spaghetti and devoured it on Monday at work for lunch haha! And I already miss it!