An Apple Spaghetti Birthday



It was recently my college best friend, Apple’s birthday last February 2 and we got together at her house on Feb 3 to have a mini party. I had forced her to make me her signature spaghetti since I haven’t had for almost 2 years already, I think! Her spaghetti is my most the best I’ve ever tried since I usually like white sauce pasta.

It’s almost a year since we graduated. And I even remember that at around this time last year we were dying to get our thesis done since it was literally killing us. Sleep was not an option at those times! haha! But somehow, I miss that time. I feel like I’ve been working for years now when it has only been about 4 months. I knew even at the start of my senior year in college that I would miss school once I got out. 

College is a tough world but when you got amazing friends by your side, it’s worth every day!



I’m blessed to have these 2 amazing best friends, Mamie and Apple throughout college. We made everyday fun with all our craziness and food trips. I’m just really glad that we’re still friends and really hope that the friendship would last til our hair turns grey.

You rarely find friends who you could be comfortable with these days. Sometimes it’s hard to even tell if they are real, but experiencing struggles and bumps through friendship and surviving them are what made ours last. 





I took home a lot of Apple’s homemade Spaghetti and devoured it on Monday at work for lunch haha! And I already miss it! 



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