London London!

Stationery post has finally come again! Yay! I’m posting continuous today because I don’t really get time to update my blog daily or weekly or even monthly! So sad! But I do hope I could at least update twice to thrice a month!

I got this notebook and H&M ring as Christmas gifts from my friend. She went to the US for Christmas vacation and bought these there! I love the details written on the notebook cover. LET IT OUT!



I’m just so in love with London themed stationery and stuff that it’s my weakness! Whenever I see them, most of the time, I could not resist not buying them! And when I saw these post-its and bookmarks, there was no second guessing! I might even have to buy another set of the post-its so I could have the heart to use them on mail art! haha!



I had some free time last week and made some custmized London postcard! I sooo love them and had them printed for about 10 pieces haha!Image


Someday, I’ll get to London and some day it will be 🙂


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