New Blings!

There’s no denial how in love I am with jewelry, not the expensive kind though, but the stylish and vintage kind. I’m especially smitten with rings! I have around 4 boxes of them already and I am definitely not stopping haha!

1. Angel

I got this ring from my officemate. I had the exact same ring once, but it got broken so I was so glad to have the same kind again!



2. Tiger Power

I’m always in love with Tiger rings and lately, I’ve been more into small set rings that when I saw this, I knew I had to buy it instantly! It’s currently my favorite rings!



3. Nautical

There’s something about the nautical theme that I really love. I just love it! haha!



4. Rebellious Phoenix

I actually am not sure if this is a peacock or a phoenix but I love it on my ear! haha! When I wore it out with my friends, they were surprised and even told me that I was rebelling! I just love edgy styles! They loved the ear piece at the end anyway and was even asking me for one! haha!



5. All About Heart

Another set ring! It’s hearts, who doesn’t love ’em? :))




I rarely buy expensive jewelry because I like a lot of them so I hunt the cheap yet cool ones! haha! You’ll be surprised that each of these doesn’t even amount to a dollar yet! :))


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