Disneyland: The Land for All Children

It’s been 2 months since I wrote here. Yet again a long interval of time which only means how boring my life has been for the past 2 months.

Though some good did happen since I had the chance to visit Hong Kong for the first time just 2 weeks ago for vacation and some personal business. I would say that my best experience of the trip would be going to Hong Kong Disneyland! My inner child will never die even if I’m 50 when it comes to Disneyland. I think I’ll still will want to go even when I’m old and wrinkly.


One thing I love the most about Disney is that almost all their fairytales are set in a ‘vintage’ setting. I couldn’t get enough! I felt like I was in the middle ages and in the 1950s! I love it! I could live there my whole life haha! What I didn’t expect to love was Tarzan’s treehouse! You had to ride a large raft to get to it and it was like a mini island and the treehouse was huge and so awesome! If I got lost in the jungle, I wonder if I could be able to build something like that haha! I think it would take me more than 10 years! So of course, I need my own Tarzan to get lost with me! Hihihi ❀

I was also so excited to have met Princess Aurora, Belle, Pooh and Mickey! I especially loved meeting Princess Aurora and Pooh, my two favorite Disney characters. We chased down the schedule of having our picture taken with the Sleeping Beauty because they cut the line every 15 minutes after their appearance! And then it would be an hour again before they reappear. Mickey and the gang, along with Winnie the Pooh had their own little village space where they conduct their photo ops. You easily know who are the royals of Disney and of course, Pooh Bear is included since he is only the most top selling character of Disney! (Yes, it’s not Mickey!)

My friends and I tried really hard to ride everything in Disneyland, and we actually did except for the very kid rides. We even went to watch the Golden Mickeys where they award the Disney characters and the theme at that time was bravery. We also got to see the parade and it was awesome! The princesses appeared and oh my, their dresses were to die for and of course all of their beauties were out of this world. Sigh, every girl dreams or dreamt of becoming a princess. And I was one of them! πŸ™‚

Anyway, I’ve got a few pics to share. I haven’t uploaded everything yet since I need to edit because I only brought my iPhone with me to my trip and all my other great pics are in my friend’s camera which she hasn’t uploaded yet! But these are the ones I’ve shared through my instagram and are a balance or art/scenery and vacation photography πŸ™‚


The huge fountain just in front of the gates to Disneyland. It’s awesome! πŸ™‚


This is the animation academy just near the entrance of Disneyland wherein you can see the different sketches of how Disney characters were drawn. And they have some awesome tricks of animation inside too! They actually have classes that will you teach you how to draw some of the characters.


This was a corner inside the animation academy where sketches and screencaps of the Disney film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs were portrayed. I especially liked the interior decoration.


Vintage street shop decors were my favorite! It felt like you were Cinderella going shopping into town for yor gown to the Royal Ball!


And don’t you just love this shot? I felt like I lived in the time of castles and royalties when I saw this and just had to take a picture of it. It actually reminded me of my fave Brit series, Merlin, which I really miss watching! Oh Arthur πŸ™‚


Toy Story Land! Where all Andy’s toys were blown up into the size of giants and where also the most scariest ride in HK Disneyland is found! At least for me! I didn’t even dare try it!


Went inside Andy’s toybox to look for some souvenirs!


Winnie the Poooooh! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to experience the inside of this because the waiting time was 1 hour and 45 minutes which was ridiculous! But I vow to be able to get inside when I come back! I actually can’t believe I let this pass! WHY???? WHY?!!!!

ImageEven if he is imaginary and has a big tummy, this silly old bear will always be my best friend πŸ™‚

ImageI could actually see myself opening a shop like this! Well, I’ve always wanted to live in Hundred Acre Woods! Really!

ImageWe ate at the Royal Banquet Hall where it was designed to let you feel like you were dining and attending the Royal Ball. It was decorated with ivory sculptures of the famous Disney love couples. I had only captured Cinderella and…

ImageSleeping Beauty, of course! This was in the middle of the entrance and when I first saw it, I instantly fell in love with it and felt the romantic aura of it!

ImageI’m also a sucker for wishing wells so when I saw on the map that there was one in Snow White’s Grotto, I just had to take a picture! And those white lovelies behind me are…

ImageSnow White and the seven dwarfs, of course! Plus a little frog haha! I wish they had put color in these scupltures so it would look more lively!

ImageYiii! My heart is fluttering! (hence the heart frame haha!) I hate that my picture with Pooh became blurry because the lighting wasn’t that good and it was nearing evening also, so less natural light. Still I love this shot of ours! ❀

ImageBut I was so happy to have a clear photo with my favorite princess, Aurora! She is so beautiful and oh so nice! I get it that it’s their job to be like that, still I felt that the person was really nice and I of course brought out my inner 5 year old and looked at her with awe and wonder! Aurora ❀

ImageWe stumbled upon Belle just after meeting Aurora and she was equally beautiful and nice! I just hoped she was in her beautiful gold gown though.

ImageI literally couldn’t take my eyes off the treehouse view while we were waiting in line. Tarzan’s amazing abode was awesome! This has got to be my favorite spot and if this were a real home, I’d volunteer to live here! This is seriously surreal and if you didn’t know this was only a theme park attraction, this would be an awesome private resort and/or home!


A Welcome note from Jane at the treehouse! Seriously, one of the most romantic disney couples are Tarzan and Jane! I wanna watch the movie again!


Mama Kala and baby Tarzan. Whenever I watch Tarzan, I am always brought to tears at the beginning of the film where his parents are still alive. You could really see and feel the love and bond they have as a family, and that’s really nice. It was just unfortunate Tarzan never got to know his real parents.Image

This was is the newest attraction in HK Disneyland and it was the its opening day at the time we were there. This attraction was named “Mystic Point” and I literally squeaked when I saw the victorian themed house! Houses like these were the houses of my dreams! I simply loved it and I just had to go inside! It was a ride where you get to see the Professor’s historical and magical collections gathered from all over the world. It was a ride for kids but nevertheless, I loved it! I still am a kid, I believe that I am haha!

ImageThis was a decoration behind the house and I couldn’t resist snapping a photo because if its very “vintage” and “art” feel!

ImageAnd I love this shot where I took just behind some trees and it turned out like it was a discovery of a secret house! Love love love it!!!


It was night time already when we slowed down and just walked along the 1950s theme road where some real cafes and the souvenir shops were. I literally looked liked this in every shop decoration on the street because we couldn’t go inside and I desperately want to see its inside. I look like a beggar, I know but I really can’t help it haha!

My favorite shot of the magical land is..


The town clock overlooking the Sleeping Beauty castle! I just absolutely love this shot! Everytime I look at this photo I fee like I’m transported to a fairytale setting where I can live the lives of Aurora and Cinderella! i just wished the castle was a place we could inside to! I heard in California, the castles in disneyland housed the amazing suites! I saw a picture of the Cinderella suite and OH MY GOSH I wanted to fly to California and book a room if only I had the money! It was literally amazing just by picture! Sighhh….

And so there it is my Disney trip! I wish to come back soon and to be able to visit the other Disneylands too! I guess I’ll have to add all Disneyland to my bucket list haha! Walt Disney has truly made us believe that no imagination is impossible to create into reality and that anywhere, anytime, there will always be…



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