In Between Worlds

There are worlds in between smiles, in between tears, in between sighs that we often forget hold so much meaning into our real ones. We live a life infested with career, worries and depression that often these worlds are tucked away in a tiny space and we don’t even realize that we are often in those places but space out too much thinking of unimportant things.

Why do we live? Is it to please others? To be the best for somebody? To feel even just a drop of love? 

Isn’t it we need to hold ourselves up and learn to love more of our self before we can really give a part of us to anyone?

In between smiles, I have a world where sadness is what smiles mean because you can’t express your feelings in fear of being unaccepted.

In between tears, I have a bittersweet world where the bitterness of no one really cares gets to me but the sweetness of hope that someday God will deliver the right person for me.

In between sighs, the future of my dream is my world where all the places I want to travel is just a few steps away but also a thousand miles too far yet faith is planted in my heart that if I believe through it all and add just a little bit more of hard work, I’ll have my boots on those grounds some day. Some day.

We live to cry, to smile, to break hearts, and to be heartbroken, and eventually to die but most of all while we live, we make sure to really LIVE and not just breathe.