New Stationery Love

It’s no secret that I love to hoard stationery things, from letter sets to notecards to post-its to notepads to notebooks, you name it, I have it! Well, almost I guess haha!

I often find myself broke because of buying them but most of the time, I’m happy because I got a great deal on them rather than buying them in the mall, that’s way more expensive than at the place I get them.

These are just some that I got the past few weeks. I actually have more but haven’t taken pictures yet so that’ll be for next time.



This very cute Paris script washi tape is juts a must have! And I love it that it came in 4 rolls of the same design because I love buying 2 or 3 of the same item so I could have them in stock! :))




Okay, I drooled when I saw this set of cute guard bookmarks! The set is being advertised as from London but I think each of these guards are from a different country, I guess? I can really just point out the London guard haha! I have to do some research! This was being sold as a set so I couldn’t just pick the ones I like but I’m glad I got it all though, more for my penpals! 




Aren’t these bookmarks the coolest? I didn’t buy them the first time I saw it but when I went back and it was still in stock waiting for me to give them a new home, how could I say no? haha! These are just perfect for book lovers like moi!




Ever since I learned there are cool passport holders being designed, I was obsessed with them. I often see the ones I like online from international sites and they’re too expensive for me so I never bought one. My first cute one was from my Korean friend, In-hye. Korea has so much cute stationery stuff including passport holders. I might just go to Korea someday for stationery shopping haha! Anyway, I saw this from the shop I buy stationery stuff and I just knew I had to have them! My only regret is that I didn’t buy 2 or 3 of the same design to give as gifts to my friends because when I came back it was out of stock! Gosh! It was a miracle that I saw a blue version of the London design and quickly grabbed it because it was the one I was giving to my friend, Princess, who is my London twin haha! I could’t not get her the same London stuff I did! haha!


To more stationery in the future! haha!


Feelin’ London

If we’re close, you’d probably know by now how obsessed I am with London-designed things, especially in stationery. One of my dreams is to be able to tour London, and maybe someday, I will get to. I need to, haha!

Anyway, so some of my friends got me some London stuff which I just drooled for. Most of them are again, Birthday/Christmas gifts but I felt like London needed its own post haha!

1. My friend, Krista got me this cool London set (which really isn’t sold as a set, I assume haha): ID Holder, Tissue Roll, and a London Guard bookmark. I don’t know how am I going to use that tissue rollm I haven’t even took it out from its packaging yet haha!




2. I am in love with this tea packaging straight from London! My friend, Iris gave it to me when as a trip gift when she toured Europe. There was a Big Ben box too but one of my friends got to it first, huhuhu! Still I love this anyway too! 




3. This stationery stamp set which is somehow a London/Paris design that my twin, Mamie gave me. I love stamp sets! My twin knows me too well!




4. This cool I ❤ London pen I got from my caregroup leader, Justine. I just love the London bus charm attached to it.




London, London, London, let’s meet someday, ok? 🙂

December Things

This is obviously such a late post but I wanna share some of the cool things I got last Christmas. It’s already the month of hearts and yet here I am talking of the holidays. Anyway, I need to catch up on some posts so I decided the first one’ll be from my Birthday month! 

Most of what I’ll be posting are Birthday/Christmas gifts and sometimes I think it does suck to have your birthday the same month as Christmas because everyone will just give you one thing for both occasions but I like being a December baby! It makes me the youngest most of the time and I get to age last haha! Only when I was a little kid did I receive many gifts and of coursed it lessened as I grew older but what I love of the gifts that my friends now give me is that they know what I want already and I’m so blessed to have some of these friends who really appreciate our friendship.

So first up is my favorite gift from my friend, Kasen. I literally squealed when I got this in the mail. What’s funny is that it almost got lost and thank God it didn’t! I saw this Starbucks Cold Cup on the web one day and literally lusted for it. I told Kasen about it at one of our dinners and she told me that her mom was going to China and would help me look for it and I told her that was great and I’d just pay her for it. But voila after a week and some days, I got it in the mail as a Christmas gift! I soooo love it! I love you, Kasen :))




Second I got this very cute carousel music box from my friend, Jo. It’s so my style, as she told me and she was so right! haha! The music is lovely and it’s such a perfect display at the house. Definitely going to grab this when I get a place of my own someday.




Third, I got this very cute Wilde Pearle Polar Bear necklace from my friend, Tanhuan. This was more of like a ‘pasalubong’ or a trip gift I got when she went to Alaska. I really love neat stuff like this!




Lastly, I got myself some new foundation! I read great reviews online about the Revlon ColorStay foundation which is perfect for oily skin and I just had to try it. It did wonders to my skin. The matte effect it gave on my skin was perfect and the oil in my face reduced for like 80% the first day I used it. So I was very proud of myself for this deal! I got this for like Php 850.00, which I guess is already a good price for what it does.


Anyway, I didn’t post all the things I got (there weren’t so many anyway, trust me!) but I just posted the ones that really meant something and was obviously given thought to. I really appreciate my friends who give me things that mean something because I realize that it’s not the material thing that the gift is, but rather the growing friendship that is between us.

Belated Happy Holidays! (I just really wanted to say that haha!)