Suit My Phone Up!


For almost all iPhone lovers and users out there, one thing we can’t get enough of is changing our phone’s casing. There’s just so many designs coming out that makes you wanna grab them instantly. Especially now that personalized phone casings are getting around too. But what bums me out is that sometimes these outerwear for your phone can become expensive once you start on stacking them. Around here, a decent one costs at about $9 and that’s a lot when you wanna buy like 5 of different designs.

So it’s such a relief for me when I learned how to make my own personalized ‘suits’ for my phone without costing me a thing. Well, I had to buy a silicon clear jelly case for my phone first but it was really cheap, around $3 only! So how did I do it? Well simple really, all you need are board paper / ink-jet friendly paper and a colored printer!

I first found ready-to-print designs on this amazing website See That There that was up for grabs free of charge! (THANK YOU!) I printed almost all of the designs available. You can view them under their post: freebies.

Then, of course the self-proclaimed artists in me was not satisfied and wanted to make my own designs, I started on the hunt for blank templates that I could edit on. There are a lot of free ones on the web but the problem for me was that they didn’t print on the exact size of my phone. I use a different application so Adobe Illustrator or Photoshops are strangers to me. So it was a surprise when I found myself designing templates on MS Word! Yeah, you heard it right! None other than the classic Word file haha! The template that I found was in pdf file and when I converted it into word, it was the same size as the actual casing of my phone. So I improvised and started designing on the word file. It may take more time than using other applications but if you’re not into too much designs, the added time isn’t that big of a difference.

So once i started I couldn’t stop! And I really had to restrain myself because at this point I could go on everyday and by the time I’m finished doing them on my bored time, I may have one design per day for a year! haha! So I’m not at that point (yet?) haha but I’ve got plenty that I can actually pair with the colors or style of my clothes for the day. And I can change designs as easy as taking off my socks. Ok that was not a pretty comparison but you get my point haha! 




I even made some for one of my friends whose sporting a new iPhone 5S 🙂




I’m sure I’ll be making more of these soon! haha!