The Daykeeper 2015

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It’s been a while since I’ve been back and I’m glad it’s posting about something wonderful. Nearly the end of the year and everybody’s on the hunt for a new planner / datebook. I remember that I always had this problem of what to buy since there are so many great planners out there. But last January, when I was frustrated that I still didn’t have one, I decided I would just go buy one of the random planners in a bookshop. Then I saw the post about the Daykeeper and it instantly drew me in but sadly, I was too late as they were already sold out by the time I found out about it.

With that frustration, I made sure that I would reserve as early as October for the Daykeeper 2015 and now I have it in my hands! Yay! It’s the perfect datebook for creative people because it gives you the freedom to write and design almost each page. Plus, it’s full of inspiring quotes and bible verses, and such beautiful pictures from the creator herself.

The Daykeeper is both a datebook and a journal that’s perfect for people who needs to write their thoughts daily on paper. What better way to write it on the Daykeeper.

Anyway, I’m gonna stop blabbering and let you guys take a peek into the wonderful Daykeeper 2015. (If you guys follow the Bookmania blog, you might see the same pictures as posted here as I am part of that blog and am the one who posted the entry, so no stealing of pics has happened hehe!)

Firstly, it’s got a personalized slip-on cover once your order is delivered to your doorstep!

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As I mentioned, it’s got amazing pictures inside and inspirational quotes that’ll make you want to write each day on each page.

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For inquiries about price rates, shipping and other stuff, please send an email to

Get your Daykeeper now and have an amazing 2015!