In Between Worlds

There are worlds in between smiles, in between tears, in between sighs that we often forget hold so much meaning into our real ones. We live a life infested with career, worries and depression that often these worlds are tucked away in a tiny space and we don’t even realize that we are often in those places but space out too much thinking of unimportant things.

Why do we live? Is it to please others? To be the best for somebody? To feel even just a drop of love? 

Isn’t it we need to hold ourselves up and learn to love more of our self before we can really give a part of us to anyone?

In between smiles, I have a world where sadness is what smiles mean because you can’t express your feelings in fear of being unaccepted.

In between tears, I have a bittersweet world where the bitterness of no one really cares gets to me but the sweetness of hope that someday God will deliver the right person for me.

In between sighs, the future of my dream is my world where all the places I want to travel is just a few steps away but also a thousand miles too far yet faith is planted in my heart that if I believe through it all and add just a little bit more of hard work, I’ll have my boots on those grounds some day. Some day.

We live to cry, to smile, to break hearts, and to be heartbroken, and eventually to die but most of all while we live, we make sure to really LIVE and not just breathe.


Fallen Too Far


I have always loved reading a book that made my heart hurt. It meant that the story totally gets to me and carves a deep meaning within.

Just a year ago, I had started reading novels of American indie writers and have fallen in love completely with them! I have been reading their novels nonstop for the past year and I gotta say that on the top of my list is Abbi Glines’ Too Far novel series.

I had completely fallen in love with Rush and Blaire’s story and couldn’t get enough of it. I think I had read ‘Fallen Too Far’ for like ten times, going back to scenes I love the most over and over again. I did the same with its sequel, ‘Never Too Far’. I had just finished the last book, ‘Forever Too Far’ and it feels bittersweet because I’m satisfied on the happy ending but also sad because there will be no more upcoming books to look forward to.

I have to say that this series made my heart hurt all the way. I shed a lot of tears reading Blaire’s story and really admired her strength. Sometimes I wish I could be as passionate and strong as she is. And Rush… Sigh…. Yes, you could not say Rush Finlay’s name without a long passionate sigh. He is like the perfect Bad Boy Prince Charming and although it’s a cliche of a storyline where the bad boy changes when he falls for the ‘one’, I loved how Abbi still made their story unique in a kind of way. And with Abbi’s writing, you could almost feel the words inside you, like feeling what Rush and Blaire’s emotions were as they tell their story.

That’s what I love about Abbi’s novels, it gets to you, right through the heart where it hurts so good! Out of the Too Far Series, I’ve also read ‘Breathe’ (the innocent version of it haha) and instantly fell in love with Jax and Sadie’s story. I’m excited to re-read the novel’s uncut version, probably right after I finish this entry! I’m planning on reading the other books in the Sea Breeze series too, where ‘Breathe’ is a part of. I’ve also read the Vincent Boys series which was also to die for! I can’t help it, I am officially an Abbi Glines fan!

Yet I can say that the Too Far Series will be my top love for a while. I find it hard to let go of characters that I have come to love in books and I always go back flipping the pages to relive the story. And I know for sure that is exactly what I’ll be doing for the next few days or even weeks with ‘Forever Too Far’.

Characters in novels are like people you meet in your everyday life, they leave a mark once they’ve imparted their life with you. And no matter how long the time has pass by, they will always have a place in my heart. I thank Abbi Glines for giving us stories like Rush and Blaire’s, where one learns how life is always about love and forgiveness, and that sometimes choosing to let go can lead you back to your happiness.

I am certain that I will have Rush and Blaire hangover for a while but it will be all right because I will just go flipping back to the pages when I miss them. And every once in a while, I like the feeling I get when the heart hurts because it reminds me that life without pain can never know the true meaning of being happy.

I can’t wait to read spin-off novels of the other characters from the Too Far Series. Wood’s first novel, “Twisted Perfection’ was just awesome and I can’t wait for its sequel, ‘Simple Perfection’. I’m also looking forward to Grant’s story where I hope his the ‘one’ will be Harlow! And I know Rush and Blaire will be making appearances in their story which makes me more excited! Can’t wait!

For an overview of the Too Far Series and other Abbi Glines novels, head on over to to know all about it!

Goodbye, Merlin


I hate endings. I hate goodbyes. I know it’s all about the start of something new but really, we don’t get the realize the new beginnings right away instead we experience the pain first, through a very slow time.

Okay, I’m very emotional when this post is about the ending of a tv show I really like haha! Anyway, recently one of my most beloved tv series has come to an end. Merlin, a british tv series has concluded after 5 years and it’s really sad because I know there could have been more to the story. The tale, after all, is a very long one.

I’m gonna miss everything about it, especially King Arthur and his knights! haha! Seriously, if all princes who turned into kings are like Bradley James (who plays Prince/King Arthur) in real life, I’d be gladly become a servant in his kingdom haha! Look where it got Guinevere! haha!

Anyway, what I love most about the show is its portrayal of friendship. It doesn’t put a focus only on the love story, but its actual main target is the importance of friendship and the one who will stand by you no matter what.

Of course, I’m in love with the love story of Arthur and Guinevere in the show too. Although in the real myth, it didn’t really end well with them but in this show, it did and even after Arthur’s death, you could see how strong of a woman Gwen was that even amidst the death of the love of her life, she remained strong for the kingdom because it is what Arthur would want her to do.


It broke my heart when I watched Arthur died at the end and how his and Merlin’s friendship has gone far in the story. It’s all about acceptance in friendship. You accept your friends no matter what they are, or what they have done because at the end, it’s the sincerity of the friendship that counts. It’s what matters and will hold strong forever.

Being heartbroken, I wrote a poem of Guinevere’s love for Arthur. I tend to emote like this so bear with me :))

Gwen’s Goodbye

When your eyes became the heart of the sun
And your hair shined bright like its rays
I remember you amidst every battle won
And your glory shone through your heart
I see each day passing by
Reliving your hand holding mine
Your laughter the only music I hear
Your love the only feeling I hold dear
When days are dark I will remember you
How you showed bravery and courage
Even amidst evil and death
I live each day
Without you by my side
But every passing morrow
I feel your love rising between the mountains
As the wind greets me hello
Your face I see within the clouds of the heavens
Because though my heart breaks every day
I am happy to have lived a life
Only loving you


It’s a sad poem but it captures how someone loves a person even after they have passed. I guess the worst feeling one could ever experience is losing the most beloved person in your life because nothing can take the pain away and it always feel like your heart breaks every day.

I write a lot of poems so if you have nothing to do, you can read some in